Donkey Kicks (Quadruped Kickbacks)

Donkey Kicks (Quadruped Kickbacks)


 This exercise is one of the best gluteus exercises you can do. Even doing body weight will get you great definition in your gluteus. Add ankle weights or find a machine that allows you to add weight and you will get great results from this exercise.

You want to focus on doing this exercise from your hips with minimum windup. Push your hips forward while kicking back.

Make sure to focus on keeping a bend in the knee, knees aligned with shoulders and focus on scooping up instead of kicking back. Scooping up, going through hip extension getting the maximum contraction that you can.

This position is similar to a glute bridge or hip thrust, but now we are in a horizontal quadruped position instead of being in a horizontal supine position which we would be for a hip thrust or a glute bridge.

It is important to mix up your glute exercises from different angles, but at the same time picking exercises that are good for your gluteus and keeping good form. Proper exercise selection is key.

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