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5 Simple Tips to Building Better Glutes

Tips To Building Better Glutes

Tip #1 Make sure you squat! Squatting is very important in optimal glute development! 

I've gone through many phases with my squat physically & mentally. When I first started lifting heavy weights on my squats at 14/15 years old for football we were focused on lifting as much weight as possible. I kept this same attitude until around 20 years old. My back felt like it was getting messed up, and I didnt think it was necessary anymore now that I dont compete. Then for most of my 20's I would still squat, but with much lighter weight. Towards the last few years of my 20's I started to break down my squat technique and really improve my mechanics for squatting. Now I feel better than ever and my goal is to lift heavy on the squat again.

When I was younger we didnt take the proper approach to building up a proper foundation which is critical to feeling optimal. This would have solved my back problem.

Squatting is great for your glutes because it stretches out your glutes at the bottom of a deep squat and puts a lot of tension on the muscles. Squatting does an excellent job of developing the lower glutes and when you lift heavy you can see a difference in the size of your glutes over a period of time.

You can improve your squat but changing up the weights, the rep scheme, the type of bar you are using, your foot stance, the surface in which you are standing on. There are many ways to mix up your squats. 


Tip #2  You can/should train your glutes 3x per week if you want maximum Glute development. Your hips can take a lot. They're like shock absorbers and can handle large volumes of weight & load with doing dynamic movements. When you feel like you have been doing to much, listen to your body and rest. 


Tip # 3 Don't forget to workout your upper glutes. This is important to understand. Your upper glutes are where your hips are attached to your back. Your spine is directly inserted to your hips. This is where your upper glutes are and this is an important part of your body that you want strong.

Some great ways to Improve your upper glute training:

1) Abduction movements,

2) Hip hinge movements,

3) Hip extension movements from different angles such as; glute bridges, hip thrusts, hyper extensions, glue kicks. 

For example, deadlifts and squats put a large load on your lower glutes, and then a straight leg abductions, bent leg abductions, glute bridges, do a great job of working your upper glutes. That's important to understand. This is something that I think about when I'm working with clients.


Tip #4 Make sure you're doing horizontal load & working at different angles. This is how you create effective programming. Working similar/the same muscles, but in different positions, so that you are optimizing the muscle.

Horizontal load: hip thrusts, glute bridges, hyper extensions, horizontal kickbacks


Tip #5  You don't need to do cardio to have strong nice looking glutes. Cardio is great for your general health, but for glute development not necessary. Cardio exercises engage your glutes but you don't need to be doing that. This is not optimal and you can be saving your energy for more effective methods.

If your goal is to grow your glutes or be strong then the most optimal thing to do is have a resistance training program.

A consistent resistance Training program is best for staying lean, burning fat, losing weight, building muscle, getting strong, feeling confident, getting energy. Resistance training is superior & everything else is just accessory.

If you're someone who wants to have fun and mix it up, that's okay, because having fun is important too. Being consistent is key. But, if you're someone who's getting down to the nitty gritty of being the best you can be health wise, strength wise, performance wise, then I believe the best route is to go through your resistance training which can be with weights or body weight!


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Hope this post helps,

Coach Ben


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