Super Amino 23

Super Amino 23

Super Aminno 23

The purest & cleanest form of protein on the market! Amino Acids, are the building blocks of protein.

This Super Amino 23 is Doctor Grade and produces 0 calories. Far more potent than any protein shake or protein bar. 

This is a Master Amino Acid Pattern, which is a unique amino acid profile that provides 99% Net Nitrogen Utilization for body protein synthesis, the highest in comparison to any dietary protein or protein supplement. 

Unique Characteristics of MAP are described in US Patent No, 5,132,113

I recommend these to everyone. They are great at building muscle and reducing fat. This is a superior way to get your protein while at the same time reducing the amount of digesting and energy needed ! 

If you are trying to build muscle, lose fat, lose weight, tone up this is the supplement for you


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Super Amino 23 - 150 ct:

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Super Amino 23 - 6 pack:



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