Barbell Sumo Squats

Barbell Sumo Squats


Barbell Sumo Squats is a compound movement. Barbell Sumo squats is one of many different variations of squats. When I first started doing sumo squats I thought I had to have a wide stance when doing this but I was wrong.

When we are doing a sumo squat, it is important to have our feet turned out externally rotated. We are not squatting with our feet pointed strait, but turned out.

They key here is to find a body position that is comfortable for you and to be comfortable in your own hips. If you don't feel good while squatting there could be a few things wrong.

Lack of mobility, new to the exercise, not sure what to look for and the list continues. That being said, squats is one of the best exercises you can do when done correctly. When done incorrectly, it has a high risk of injury!

When I was younger and first started powerlifting at 15 years old, we were just squatting. The goal was to lift as much weight as possible, and over the years I got to lifting 400+ lb's on the squat.

The problem was I felt like shit. My back would hurt, my knees would cave in. My form was subpar. You can still get strong having shit form.

Then when I stopped playing football for 6+ years I did not lift heavy squats. I would go lighter because I still wanted to squat because of the benefits. Now after years of practice and reconfiguring my technique I am back to lifting heavy.

Now at the age of 30, I feel better than I ever have. I am focused on squatting as much weight as possible, but with perfect form. Being able to go down into your hips and feel good while doing it. Here is an instructional video for you to view!


I have my very own lower body training program that is excellent! This is how I keep track of all my progress for myself and my clients! This video I made is an instructional video for my app. You watch the video, then perform the exercise. You record how much weight you did, how many reps and sets. Each workout you reflect on this information and this makes the whole world of difference.

As your trainer I help you execute this just like if I was in person! This online training program has been going strong for 2+ years now!

Get in the game now with this link below!

After you sign up, I will be in touch with you to get you ready to go!! This program you can cancel at anytime. There is literally zero risk!


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