Dumbbell Split Squats w. 45 lb Dumbbells

Dumbbell Split Squats w. 45 lb Dumbbells


Don't mind my fluffy long hair! This is a dumbbell split squat. I love this exercise. I think it does a great job strengthening your quads & glutes! This is also excellent for stabilizing the leg joints & a good injury prevention exercise when done correctly.

You can do this exercise with heavy weights, lighter weights or body weight. In this video you notice how I pick up the weights, without a perfectly flat back. It is okay to do this as long as you have a braced back and are not just tugging without engaging your back muscles.

I have been in the gym near my whole life and sometime I can be a little lazy, but I absolutely am engaging my back when picking up these weights. The thing is I am strong, and 45 lb Dumbbells are not that heavy for me. But I do brace my back and you absolutely should too!  

You have a lot of room to place your feet in this exercise. Your knees can go over your toes. You can have a close stance or long stance. A closer stance targets your quads better and a longer stance really engages the hips & glutes!

Let me know what you think of this exercise! 

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