Heel Elevated Goblet Squats

Heel Elevated Goblet Squats


Heel Elevated Dumbbell Sumo Squats is one of my favorite exercises and a pillar in my programming. I love this exercise & I recommend everyone doing this. I have seen people get deeper in this squat variation then anything else.This exercise variation does a great job of strengthening your quads & gluteus!

The wider stance & the deep full range in motion depth of your squat engages your gluteus & abductors. Pushing through your toes targets the quads. The way your foot is angled & pushing through the balls of your feet into the ground allows your muscles to align and get you into a deep squat stance.

You want to make sure you keep your knees out and don't let them cave in. You have control of this so keep them in that same plane the entire time while doing the squat! Otherwise, your knees will cave in subconsciously. 

When doing this exercise, be aware of your core & your breathing. Breath in on the way down during your squat (eccentric), and then breath out on the way up (concentric). 

This squat variation is great for strengthening your quads, gluteus & hips and in the long run when done correctly will help prevent back spasms or back pains. This is a squat variation everyone should be doing. 


I recommend doing this exercise with some type of progressive overload in your training protocols. Either heavy reps, more reps, fast reps, pause reps, slow reps, eccentric reps. There are many different ways for you to apply a progression in this exercise. You can have fun with it and get creative. Be safe. Life heavy.

I also recommend keeping track of your reps and sets in some way shape or form over time. You can write it down in a note book, your phone in the notes section or use some type of app. These are all great methods, but I recommend an app if possible. A good app will give you advanced analytics into your fitness. This is why athletes are getting better over time because of this information that we receive from technology and then apply it to ourselves.

The Jamin Fitness App is a great resource for you. If you were to use The Jamin Fitness App for this exercise (Heel Elevated Goblet Squats) you would be able to record your weights, sets & be able to reflect on that information each time you do this exercise. This is key so that you dont have to guess and you can be precise with your workouts. These are the details that matter!


In the end, a good old fashioned notebook, will take care of recording your sets and reps too : ) 

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