Online Training, Before & Afters

Online Training is a great way to work with a professional outside of your immediate area. What if the best fitness professional isn't near you? Online training allows you to connect with the trainer of your choice anywhere in the world!

When you train with Jamin Fitness (Me, Ben Villers, Hi!) you train through his own personal coaching app. You don't need a gym to be fit, you just need the right guidance. I have been working with clients since 2014! I am located in West LA, where I have trained actors, musicians, models, celebrities, and everyday people! The point being, you are in good hands.

During this program you are trying to complete as many of the tasks your trainer assigns in the order it was given. The order matters! With the programs comes your custom workouts designed for YOU, to accomplish your goals. With this comes; videos, your own personalized custom calendar, access to nutrition coaching, 24/7 messaging to trainer, & more new updates. Your program is custom to YOUR goals.

If you or anyone else thinks going to the gym is going to accomplish your goals you're wrong. I have met so many people who get a gym membership and never even go. Or they go and they have no idea what they are doing. Or they go and never see the results. Is that you?

Then you have all the expensive trainers telling you to do this & this, but do they have a successful track record ? Are they telling you what they like to do or are they telling you what is best for you? Also what are their rates? In-person training is EXPENSIVE while online training is not. Trainers might be expensive and they might not even know what they are doing!


When you pick your fitness professional you should hold them to a high standard. You want to work with someone who knows exactly what they are doing and have accomplished all of the fitness goals you are trying to accomplish! If you want to work with a professional fitness coach, this is the program for you!