Personal Training

Personal Training Services: 

Weight Loss; Body Transformations; Youth, Adult, Pro Sports Performance; Strength & Conditioning Training. Come train with me at A Tighter U, Culver City. Client can do individual 1 on 1 or mini group settings such as 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 Group's.  A Tighter U is the home facility for Jamin Fitness.  

Custom Online Workouts: 

Just looking for a good workout or coaching? No problem! Jamin Fitness can provide specific individual online workouts, with video instruction.

No Gym, No Problem: Inquire about locations and workouts in the Southern California region that will break a sweat.

Fitness that come to YOU: 

Outdoor locations, In-home gym facilities, Schools, Corporations - Let Jamin Fitness bring the fitness experience to you. We can accommodate and coordinate sessions in any indoor/outdoor facility in beautiful, sunny Southern California where we will progress and harvest positive attitudes towards a fit & healthy lifestyle!

Feed your Fit: 

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Ask me for more information!

Jamin Fitness Experience 

JF genuinely enjoy's catering to the needs of his clients, helping  to provide them with positive, genuine advice that WORKS. JF takes pride in making his clients happy based on hard work, results and a positive attitude and approaches all of his clients in a unique way. It's not about drilling into his clients heads that they must always work hard and eat right. JF wants to create a plan that makes clients happy and comfortable that fits your routine. There are many ways to creating a positive and fit lifestyle for yourself.

Personal Training

Personal training is for individuals who are serious about changing their lifestyle and have a desire to become healthier & happier. Jamin Fitness believes in hard work and that a good, positive attitude is contagious! This ensures that your sessions will be professional, informative, and will comply with the highest standards of motivation.

Jamin Fitness Personal Training analyze's the clients entire kinetic chain, to not only achieve the goals they strive for, but to transform you into a person that is more functional, healthy, and comfortable in your everyday life. By training the entire kinetic chain, JF's clients not only receive the benefits of muscular strength, toning, and weight loss, but also an increase in core strength (spinal stabilization), and neuromuscular control.

Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning

If you are a high school, college, recreational or professional athlete, a Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning Program could be your approach to achieving your athletic goals. When training to be a competitor in a sport, you must take an approach that not everyone is required to do to be fit. You must approach all phases of your training regiment in order to stand out and be your best self.

To improve general performance clients must increase overall proprioception, strength, and rate of force production. The training done will use the entire Optimum Performance Training Model (OPT) with more emphasis on phases 1,2, and 5. 

Group Boot Camps

Jamin Fitness Boot Camps are a type of group training conducted at gyms or in outdoor spaces. They are designed to build strength, overall fitness, weight loss and camaraderie in a social, motivating, team-oriented environment. Generally, Boot Camps help push people a little bit further than they would normally push themselves in the gym alone. Jamin Fitness can design Boot Camps to accommodate specific locations that are convenient to the client(s).

Jamin Fitness can design all types of Boot Camps and they are a great way to inspire family, friends, spouses & co-workers to take their health seriously while having fun in an encouraging environment. Be the lead to increase the quality of life for those that mean the most to you!