About Us

Jamin Fitness is a full fitness & training lifestyle brand experience. Good vibes & living life to the fullest is what we're all about while maintaining a fit & happy lifestyle. Going to the gym and eating right is important, but there is more to it than that. 


Just looking for a good workout, coaching, no gym? No problem! Fitness come with the experience. Jamin Fitness is your fitness experience you've heard about or are looking for.


JF genuinely enjoy's catering to the needs of his clients, helping  to provide them with positive, genuine advice that WORKS. JF takes pride in making his clients happy based on hard work, results and a positive attitude and approaches all of his clients in a unique way. It's not about drilling into his clients heads that they must always work hard and eat right. JF wants to create a plan that makes clients happy and comfortable that fits your routine. There are many ways to creating a positive and fit lifestyle for yourself.