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Jamin Fitness is a one stop shop virtual gym training experience! You don't need a gym to be fit and accomplish your goals! Reach your fitness goals from anywhere!




-My Health & Fitness App is the answer for busy individual's who want a workout routine customized to their needs so you can get all of your workouts On-The-Go, Which Means You Never Miss Your Daily Exercise


-My Online Training Is Great For People Who are unsure what the correct exercises are & hate wasting their time so you can get the correct workouts all the time, which means you never have to waist your time


My programs are unique, online training methods, that are designed to make you feel and look good so you can have greater confidence, which means you will be more successful and have more FUN!


-I provide you with fitness & nutrition training so you can maintain & over achieve a healthy lifestyle which means you will always be at the top of your game


-My Online Group training is aimed to deliver you positive, beneficial results in a community environment, so you can always be apart of the team which means you don't always have to workout alone


-Fitness On-Demand lets you choose any workout you want, when you want so you can workout whenever you want, which means your excuses are limited

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"Ben is one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable individuals I've met in the personal trainer field. His unique approach to developing and encapsulating fitness into all aspects of an individuals life and routine are refreshing to see. JF will provide a healthy and natural approach to developing a personal fitness plan that will work for any individuals!"

Ryan L

"Ben prepared me for some major Photo shoots by making the workout fun. I used to hate the gym, but Ben taught me ways to utilize the gym in workouts he customized for me to stay consistent. He not only helped me physically, but the mental support to get through each workout was outstanding. Following with a healthy diet plan, I make sure im in the gym daily now."