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Feet Photos

Feet Photos

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Feet & Ankle Mobility are very important. It is essential that you work on the strength, flexibility & mobility in your feet so that you can optimize your quality of life!

Taking just a little bit of time daily will help improve your quality of life in your feet and how comfortable you are on a day to day basis.

It is important to work directly above, at and below the ankles! You have muscles down there and having strong free flowing feet/ankles allows you to absorbs the energy from the ground as you perform activities. Having shoes on does not help enhance this.

Giving your feet fresh air and allowing them to breath is top of mind focus when possible! Shoes are great for protecting your feet from your daily life, but it does not help with the quality of your feet or optimize the kinetic chain which starts with the energy transferred from your feet. 

I have gotten many messages over the past few years about getting a closer look at my feet. So here is an opportunity for you to get a closer look at my feet/ankles. 

Feel free to reach back out with any requests via email after you purchase. Not all requests are guaranteed.




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