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Home Workouts, No Equipment Needed Exercise Training Program

Home Workouts, No Equipment Needed Exercise Training Program

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The "Home Workouts, No Equipment Needed Exercise Training Program" program is a program specifically made for someone working out at home, needs structure to their routine, are on the go or are looking for some great training with minimal Equipment! Working out with body weight & little to no equipment has great effects! These exercises are great for creating tight, lean functioning muscle that is great for burning fat! In addition, being able to master these movement patterns will help prevent injuries! This program is a combination of simple & some of the most effective exercises in the industry that have been applied to clients over the years since 2014!

For anyone who goes into the gym without an idea of what they are doing, this program is perfect for you because it is literally far more effective than what you are currently doing at the gym. Wasting your time and money. This is a 4-week/1-month program that is designed to keep you active each day of the month

You can get hurt working out at the gym even if you are not an athlete. Having a strategy when working out makes your results so much more effective. 

What is included with this plan:

-1 Month access to The Jamin Fitness App, loaded with a fitness library & workouts

     -The Jamin Fitness App includes exercise demonstrations, different training styles, stretching & educational segments   

-"Home Workouts, No Equipment Needed Exercise Training Program" plan get's you comfortable being in a work out space in your home or location

-1 month meal plan of your choice: Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, High Protein, Balanced

     - Meal Plans Include: Nutritional Facts, Recipes, Macros, Portion Guide, Grocery List

- Tools to track all your data over the course of your journey


After your purchase you will be sent the proper next steps to download The Jamin Fitness App & create your login with next steps!

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