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1 On 1 Online Custom Training

1 On 1 Online Custom Training

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1 on 1 Online Custom Training Program.

This program is for people who wants to train with me and use my processes for their goals & needs!

All the programs and customization you want + 1 on 1 Monthly Coaching Calls! 

Online Coaching Calls helps keep you stay focused and in line with your goals. Following an online training program can be hard, but the Online Coaching Calls are to set you in the right direction.

Program includes: 

-Great workouts ! 

-Progress Tracking + Accountability via App

- Direct Communication With Personal Trainer via Messenger in App. 

-A One-on-One Virtual Coaching Session. Includes Eating Out & Traveling Tips, Feedback & Adjustments, Additional Questions as needed.

-Macro & Calorie Adjusted Meal Plan to Supplement with Training Program. (Can also include recipe + Grocery List + Supplement Guide per request)

Join now!

Subscription Payment Every 4 Weeks. Message Us Directly To Cancel Anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is the purpose of this app?

Answer: To receive your workouts, record your progress from the exercises, communicate & keep you accountable to reach your fitness goals.

Question: How does this app help me with my fitness goals?

Answer: It helps by measuring progress over time. Rather than just exercising and guessing if you are making progress.

Question: Is the app available worldwide?

Answer: Yes


**Subscription & Billing**

Question: How much does the subscription cost?

Answer: $15 billed every 4 weeks

Question: How can I pay for the subscription?

Answer: Any type of payment method online

Question: Is there a free trial period available?

Answer: Potentially

Question: How do I cancel my subscription?

Answer: Easily. You just let me know and I cancel right away. There is no risk because it is low cost, easy cancel, and potentially life-changing.

Question: What happens if I cancel my subscription in the middle of the month? Will I be refunded?

Answer: There are no refunds. Please pay attention to when you are billed next. If you pay, you will have access to the app for the remaining 4 weeks.


Question: Are the workouts customizable based on my fitness level and goals?

Answer: Yes. They can be done from home or gym.

Question: What types of workouts are available?

Answer: All kinds!

Question: Can I save my favorite workouts for future use?

Answer: Yes absolutely. This is important for getting results.

Question: Can I share my workouts with friends?

Answer: Yes, this is a motivational tactic to keep you going!

**Progress Tracking**

Question: How does the app track my progress?

Answer: For your resistance training regardless if it is home or gym, you will have to enter the reps and sets. If you have other smart devices you will be able to connect them to the app and have them track other metrics automatically behind the scene.

Question: Can I manually enter data if I work out without the app?

Answer: Yes

Question: How often should I update my progress?

Answer: Daily


Question: Does the app provide meal plans?

Answer: I am not a nutritionist, but I have the ability to provide you with a meal plan for guidance.

Question: Can I track my daily calorie intake and macronutrient distribution?

Answer: Yes

Question: Does the app cater to specific diets (e.g., vegan, gluten-free, keto)?

Answer: Yes, it can if needed



Question: Can I contact a personal trainer directly through the app?

Answer: Yes

Question: What should I do if I encounter a problem with the app?

Answer: Contact a trainer right away, 24/7 support

Question: Is there a community platform within the app where I can connect with other users?

Answer: Yes.

**Privacy & Security**

Question: How does the app protect my personal information?

Answer: I use all the appropriate software measures to ensure your information is safe.

Question: What data does the app collect and why?

Answer: Fitness data; how much weight did I lift for this many reps? How many miles did I run? How many calories did I burn? Before & after weight, and it continues!

Question: Can I delete my data from the app if I choose to discontinue my subscription?

Answer: Yes, I can delete all your information.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Natalie Sofer
Best Trainer Ever

Thank you to the incredible Ben Villers. I have been training with him for 5 months now and I feel stronger every day

I feel taller and more confident. Thank you for pushing me to be better every time.

Awesome workouts!

The workouts with Ben are great have been so effective! He customized the workout to suit my physical needs as I had knee surgery and have been in pain from exercising until I took Bens workouts. I don’t have pain anymore when I exercise and my butt is getting more round. Seriously have more firmness in my legs and butt. LOVE LOVE LOVE! another thing is that he really pays attention to my form and corrects my posture which makes the biggest difference in working the targeted muscle.

Suellen Sales
Everything Is Included!

I love that this app includes everything. I have a workout program built for me so I don’t have to think. I love the built in rest button so I always stay on track and don’t get distracted.

I also enjoy the flexibility ! You can pick your own workouts once you get more comfortable with the system! I highly recommend for anyone who wants to follow a structure to your fitness routine & wants to get strong!

Lynne-Anne McGrail
30 lbs released!

I started working out with Ben in the gym and then the pandemic hit. Oh no! What to do? Ben started an on line program that not only made it easy to workout but kept me accountable for making sure it happen—there were excuses to not workout. Ben’s workouts are structured, fun, tough and you WILL get results! I’m down 30 pounds and feel incredible! Thanks Ben and Jamin Fitness for helping me create a better version of myself, forever grateful!

Joleigh Sherwood

Ben is a wonderful trainer! He is both professional and fun and all about producing the results you are looking for. I have been training with Ben for over 2 years. At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, I was worried about how I would be able to keep my workout routine with all the gyms closing. Ben was innovative in developing a way to keep us consistent despite the consequences we were all facing. And now I continue with his workouts because it's just more convenient and cost effective too! I highly recommend the Jamin Fitness App!!

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